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Do you have a dream? (Of course you have. Don’t lie!!!) Do you want to know whether you will achieve your dream or not? I think I can help you.

  • Is your dream at least remotely realistic? (Anything a human being can do is of course realistic)
  • Do you have a clear vision of what exactly your dream looks like?
  • Do you have enough knowledge about what it takes to achieve your dream?
  • Do you put in maximum effort daily to be as close to your dream as possible?
  • Do you honestly believe that you have it in you to achieve your dream?
  • Are you 100% sure that this is what you want in life?
  • Are you willing to make sacrifices (if the situation demands it) just to see your dreams come true?
  • Do you truly enjoy chasing your dream?
  • Do you constantly include your dream in your prayers? (Skip this if you are an atheist)
  • Are you really passionate about your dream? Or are you doing this to impress someone else? (Answer the first question only )
  • Do you learn from the failures you encounter during the pursuit?
  • Are you able to forgive yourself and move on after encountering a failure?
  • Do you view your dream as small achievable goals instead of seeing it as this big scary might-be-possible thing?
  • Do you have a positive outlook on life as a whole?

  • Do you procrastinate?
  • Are you prone to doubting yourself?
  • Do other people’s criticisms affect your pursuit?
  • Are you disheartened by the temporary failures you come across while chasing your dream?
  • Do you feel that the process it takes to make your dream come true is exhausting? Like, you want to see your dream come true, but you really detest working for it.
  • Do you blame yourself or others if things don’t work out as you planned them to be?
  • Do you feel the need to be motivated or pressured on a daily basis in order to work for your dreams?
  • Do you find it really difficult to stay committed to your goals?
  • Is your dream going to affect yourself or others in a bad way? (This has nothing to do with your dream coming true or not. But I personally feel that if your dream is going to be bad for someone, it cannot be really called a dream)

Here’s the verdict. If your answers are all yes to the first set of questions and no to the second set, there is a 99% chance that you will achieve your dream. Well, the remaining 1%, as always, depends on luck or destiny, whichever name you want to call it.

P.S. – I wrote this post in a hurry. But still, I’ve made sure to include all the questions that come to my mind when I ask myself the title question. If I have missed any point(s), do feel free to share it by commenting below. Thanks in advance! 🙂



A happy-go-lucky 20 y/o girl with a curious mind and a thoughtful soul. Being a dreamer for my whole life, I believe that nothing is impossible to achieve as long as what we dream is good for us as well as others. Writing is my recently discovered passion and I hope to use this blog to help people achieve their dreams and make the world a better place to live.


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