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Annoying people. Argh!!! They are like everywhere. On the bus, at the cinemas, in the workplace and even on the roads. These are the kind of people that can singlehandedly take away your day’s worth of bliss and turn it into a freaking nightmare. Though everyone has some kind of unpleasant behavior in them, these are the ones that annoy the crap out of you.

The Narcissist

The name says it all. The narcissists are the ones who think that the Earth revolves around them and not the Sun. They are the most self centered, self-obsessed people on Earth. They think that the rest of the world owe something to them and are not the least regretful of the hateful comments they pass at others. In short, these are the most selfish and arrogant kinds you will ever meet.

The Insecure Bunch

These are the exact opposites of the narcissists. These people have a self esteem so low that it pisses you off. Ever had that friend who whines about how life would have been so great for him had it not been for his short height?? Or long nose?? Or poor household?? Sure, no one is perfect. Everyone is blessed with different things. But the insecure people only see their flaws and what’s worse, expects others to feel sorry for them and do something about it. But what???

The Know-it-all

Now, I’m sure everyone might have personally known or at least heard about the “know-it-alls”. Yes, these are the very same people at our school or workplaces who think that they are gifted with Einstein’s brain. They never miss any opportunity to show off their unlimited knowledge and find it immensely pleasing to correct others’ opinions on things. Unlike the other people on this list, they most often mean no harm. Still, I personally don’t prefer a walking encyclopedia with me, contradicting my views every passing second.

The Hypocrite

For those who are not familiar with the word, a hypocrite is “a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements” . Put in simpler words, the hypocrites are those people who advise you to give up some of your traits (often negative ones) but pursue the same themselves ‘behind the veil’. These people enjoy a respectable position among others until someone takes up the mammoth challenge of projecting their actual selves to the society.

The Emotional Sadist

Sadists are bad. ‘Emotional sadists’ are worse. True, they don’t inflict physical pain on others like the former. Instead, the emotional sadists experience a deep sense of pleasure in causing mental pain to the victim. Most often, these guys are so unhappy in their pathetic life that they switch to causing emotional trouble to anyone who lead a relatively better life, rather than working on their problems. These people just can’t stand anyone getting better at life and instantly work on putting them down emotionally.

The Pessimist

These specific people make me want to grab a cello tape and put a piece across their mouth so that they can’t explain anymore about how something won’t happen. I mean here I am, trying my best to get motivated on something and hoping that it will work out (I am incredibly optimistic btw) and this person next to me is lecturing me on ‘101 reasons why your plans won’t work’! Seriously, WTH???


So, that’s it. I hope I did not offend anyone and if I did, my sincere apologies to you. But seriously, I hope everyone sees the funnier side of the post and can relate to it as well.



A happy-go-lucky 20 y/o girl with a curious mind and a thoughtful soul. Being a dreamer for my whole life, I believe that nothing is impossible to achieve as long as what we dream is good for us as well as others. Writing is my recently discovered passion and I hope to use this blog to help people achieve their dreams and make the world a better place to live.


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